Time/Date Stamp – output LIVE??? gy-hm100 or ANY video camera

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      I will be shooting legal video depositions. Can the jvc gy-hm100
      camera output live (to a DVD recorder) picture WITH DATE/TIME stamp?

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      Grinner Hester

      yes. If you have it turned on, of course it’s recording it… and it’s output will carry that.

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      Have you been able to do this. I am told that this can only be done in post. I have Final Cut Pro and have not figured it out yet. Please let me know if you have found the way to get picture with time date and time stamp.


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      Not sure it this helps; but I recently downloaded a small programme which takes the date information off DV-tape and makes it possible to print that info onto the images by superimposition. The length of time the information ‘shows’ is able to be preset. For my needs, a one-second interval of visibilty on the first clip of any batch was sufficient, but other durations are able to be set, as well as applied to every clip in a batch if that is needed. From memory, the software is known as ‘dVTS’. It is not free, but it is quite inexpensive, and very useful for keeping track of footage, cross checking with my ‘index’ etc.

      Ian Smith – Dunedin, New Zealand

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      First, it actually depends on the make and model of camcorder. Most, but probably not all, have a time/date stamp setting, as implied by Grinner, that can be set prior to recording.

      It is my experience that when shooting legal depositions NOTHING can be added to the recording in post. The recording MUST be as is, RAW shooting with time/date stamp active during the recording process. Otherwise the deposition can be considered altered or possibly altered and therefore not acceptable in court.

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      The JVC GY HM 100u does keep date and time in file data or metadata. Has anyone found how to reveal it? This should be good for legal depositions.

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      Re; VIDEO DEPOSITIONS. Many cameras show a time/date stamp in the viewfinder. It is necessary to be able to export that info at the time of recording and many/most camcorders do not. My experience of over 5000 video depositions tells me that analog composite outputs (red, white, yellow) are the most usable connections to have. They can output to many monitors, many stand alone DVD recorders, and analog mixers. After several years of doing this work, my camera of choice is the Panasonic DVX-100. I have three and they are in daily use. The audio is XLR in. The composition is 4:3, which works well with the video-sync program. The resolution is as good as you need. Most importantly, it outputs the time/date stamp at the time of the recording. Adding that info in post will negate the validity of the recording. I wish one of the manufacturers would contact the users of the products to find out what the user needs. However, as a relatively major player for twenty-five years in the event and then the legal field, I have never received that call. Chats with reps at the product shows; NAB, COMDEX, etc. are a waste of time.

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