Timecode and Editing Workflow

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      Hi, guys.

      This is my first ever question here, and I’m really quite the newbie video editor (so go easy on me!).

      For the first time, I’ve been collaborating with someone on a project. I’ll be doing the grunt work, but she’ll be making the editing decisions. She is located remotely, so I’ll be sending her footage, from which she’ll decide what needs to be cut and in what order. I assume we’ll pass footage and instructions back and forth a dozen times or more in the next couple weeks.

      I’m wondering what will be the best way of keeping track of clips and edits. My initial thought was to assemble all the raw footage, overlay timecode on it, render and send. This way I can get exact times back from her for the initial set of edit decisions. But then… Well, then what?

      Should I make edits using that first render (with the printed timecode) as a proxy, so that I can keep track of edit spots, and then sub in the raw footage before final render?

      How do you guys handle timecode and editing decisions throughout the editing process? This seems like really basic filmmaking stuff, but it’s all very new to me.

      The details:
      45 minutes of footage being edited down to a 3-4 minute video
      Seven total raw clips
      — 3 long clips (interviews) in .avi format (captured from a DV camera),
      — and 4 shorter incidental clips in .mov format
      Using Premiere Pro

Viewing 0 reply threads
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