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      Hello. Theobligatory “I’m new” tag must be used here. I searched for this topic, but didn’t find anything so I thought I’d ask.

      In a nutshell, I am needing to shoot video for work, and I’m needing to verify the time, and more importantly the date it was shot, for legal reasons. I know there is the time and date stamp, but those can be altered by changing the time and date on the camera.

      The no-frills suggestion by a co-worker was to shoot the daily newspaper that shows the current date, but that to me, is a little low-brow for our intended audience. However, it is probably the most fool-proof method. I’m curious if there is anyone out there that has a better suggestion, or know of some other way or technology.

      I’m just trying to come up with some ideas for my boss. I’m still in the brainstorming stage and I’m not coming up with anything solid. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Oh, I have a Sony DCR-SR68 camera, but if another camera or equipment would work, I’m not above changing cameras.



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