Three cameras…one budget…need some edumacated help…

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      Greetings from a newbie posting here. Have settled on two DVD based camcorders, and one DV machine.
      Am tired of tape–but media costs for DVD-based is high. here are the choices:
      SONY DCRDVD403, Hitachi DZGX20a, and DV : Panasonic PV-GS250.

      Granted, these are NOT for high-end video production, but the misses and I are celebrsating 35th anniv. by taking trip to Italy, and I don’t want to make th wrong choice. Ultimately plan to dump whatever I shoot to DVD. Hitachi does dvd-ram, sony does dvd-+ RW…cheapeper than RAM disks. Three stores–each with a resonably knowledgable ‘kid’–and SURPRISE–3 diffrent choices ; i.e NO clear winner.

      Search online (CNET) shows SONY ahead of others, yet local electronics place say Hitachi–father of DVD camcorder technology–is beter, even though most reviews say cam bad in low light. sigh… could use some help on this as I need to buy ONE so I can play. Would truly appreciate any help on this….

      Regards to all..looking forward to learning more from you all…

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      Well do you really want a DVD-camcorder? I say you should go for the GS-250. It’s a low cost 3-CCD MiniDV camcorder, of very good quality (in particular when compared to those DVD camcorders), a lot of bang for the buck!
      Between the two DVD cameras, I’d recommend the Sony over the Hitachi, for two reasons: first of all, it uses DVDRW which are easier to find and cheaper than DVD-RAM and, second, it has better lens.

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      About the DVD cameras…DVD-RAM does NOT play in all players. Most players won’t accept them. You’ll have much better luck with DVD-R or DVD+R.

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      Definately go with the Panny DV camera, you will be much happier with the end product, and after all the image will be preserved in all it’s digital glory to the tape (which allows for much easier and higher quality capturing and editing) Dv tapes are pretty cheap and hold 60 min. Not to mention that this is a 3 chip camera, much nicer than the DVD camera’s and their single chips. I have seen this panasonic in action, and I must say it does a pretty decent job for the money.

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      Am tired of tape

      Why don’t you like tape? (just curious)

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