This project file is missing one or more mediapool elements.

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      I found this forum just today, Ive never been here before but im desperate for help. I really cant do my work, when editing a movie, I need to handle many audio files, and im not sure how this error takes place, but I save constantly, im not completly sure, but after a certain save, it crashes and after that when I try to open the save file, I get “This project file is missing one or more mediapool elements.” And most of the audio files are just dissapeared. I tried moving the save file together with the media elements, but dosnt work. I open up the save with Vegas 10, still the same error. No matter what I do, they have magically dissapeared, the source of the audio files is the same. But I guess obviously the save file gets corrupt, but why and how ?

      Please help me, I took a picture, Ive circeled few error points, the files go completley blank.
      I use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0.

      Hopefully I was clear enough, Im just worried I cant do my work properly.
      Thank you in advance, I really hope someone can help me.

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      You say the source for the audio files is the same – Do you mean you have one audio file and you are using the trimmer or all the audio files are in the same location?

      I also use Pro 8 and will sometimes (because I just have to get it done and cannot deal with some bugs) will render out pieces individually and re-assemble my final from those. Just a suggestion.

      Also, have you tried working with the backup VEG file?

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      No theyre all different files, but theyre all still in the same folder. The save is corrupt not the audio files, I presume from that.

      Backup VEG file has the same error. :/ Its really wierd.

      Also Thank you very much for fast reply.

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      Hi Sam –

      OK – In that case, if I read your original post correctly, you know where the save is going south. If you were to render out a partial file, right up until the save that corrupts, then use that partial file in it’s entirety and continue on from there, that might get you over the hurdle and allow you to finish your project.

      I love Vegas, please don’t get me wrong, but I also am using Pro 8 on an older box and sometimes just need to come up with workarounds so I can get the job done.

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      But no idea for a solution to bring them back ? I have to find the exact audio files again, and its time consuming :/. But otherwise, Thank you very much. Hopefully no one else encounters this problem.

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      Hi Sam –

      There are many bug fixes in versions 9 & 10 – If you’re looking for this to NOT happen, I would have to advise you to try one or both of them and see if the problem goes away. Sony does allow for 30 day free fully functional trials so you could check beforehand if you want to upgrade to Pro 10.

      Other than that, this is the first time I have seen this particular problem.

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      Sam, you may already have tried these suggestions:

      1. If the source files are on a CD, did you copy the audio files to your hard drive from the CD? If not, and the CD isn’t in the computer, Vegas will generate an error message like the one you’re getting.

      2. Try using the “Search” function on your computer to locate the files; they may have been saved inadvertently to a different folder than you think. Try searching for *.wav (or *.mp3, or whatever type of audio files you’re using.)

      I know from experience that it’s awfully easy to save to a drive or folder that isn’t your project folder, with the results you are experiencing. I occasionally do this when I render a clip or project.

      Good luck.

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      Progressively saving your projects, “xxx001”, “xxx002” etc can also save you a huge headache. If one save goes corrupt, you should be able to go to a previous save and not lose the entire project. I never re save my projects the same name over and over again for this reason.

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      Don’t know if this will help but had a similar problem in Premiere ProCS4 where the program would randomly generatecorrupt files with the same name as the original file, causing the folder not being able to be opened. After much frustation I finally found I could identify the corrupt file byopening the folder/file through Windows Movie Maker, identifyingand deleting the corrupt file.In my instance thecorrupt files were avi files of 125K or less in value, As best as I could determine the problem was not common to other CS4 users, as a consequenceI am of the opinionit occured because of a combination of poor computer specifications. Agree with doubleham I have learnt from the school of hard knocks to progressivly save files by name-date-version. Regards

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