This program scares me.

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      I have been using Studio for about 3 months now and its so weird…it crashes alot and all the cool features like chroma key…video effects…cool transitions etc say ACTIVATE NOW! So guess what…I have to make an upgrade to have all the cool stuff. Im also really looking to an altertanitive…I have Adobe After Effects but I don’t want to have to wait for like hours for my video to render…errr I would also like to try AVID when I get the time but my device captures from a USB input so I don’t know if those programs will capture from that….anyway DONT BUY PINNACLE STUDIO BASIC…if your going to buy it get the TITANIUM VERSION or else you will get about 25 ACTIVITE NOW buttons when you actully want to do something really cool….

      Studio in my opioion is HORRIBLE…do you all like it?

      (I want to learn Premere but it also looks real intimitating)

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      Hey Danny: Nice to see a 13-year-old caught up in doing something more productive than playing video games (not that that is always bad). Anyway, I am someone that is using Pinnacle Studio SE and I plan to upgrade. Thanks for the advice. It’s cheaper to purchase as an upgrade believe it or not. I am new to video editing so I can’t give you much input on Avid Pro. I will say that it’s cheaper to buy once you have already purchased something from Pinnacle.

      Regarding USB capture, I would seriouly do some shopping for a firewire card. They are about 15 bucks on ebay, and once installed, they take to Windows XP nicely. They are much faster than USB 2.0, and they also are also more practical for inputing digital video from your digital video camcorder.


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      Hello: I am responding to Comp’s comment about the crashing problem with Pinnacle. I must say that I haven’t had too too many crashes, but just a few lock-ups really which didn’t crash my whole system. But all in all, I am upset that in order to get the full effect of Pinnacle Studio, you have to purchase all these upgrades that cost more than the program itself. I am wondering if Avid pro (the one with the hardware and software included) is a better choice that will give you all this stuff. Question: What is overall the best video editing software $100.00 and less? Just curious. I went to [url][/url] and they listed Cyberlink’s Power Director 5 as number one. Steve

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      Hi Guys
      I’ve been using Studio 9 and have upgraded to 10 titanium.
      I have had little problem with both programs. Studio 9 crashed a couple of times on a couple of projects with lots of "wizz bang truff" and loads of chapter menus, but if I loaded the project and let it do all the background rendering bfore I started flying around the screen I had no trouble.
      Studio 10 has been upgraded. It hasnt crashed – yet, but was hopless at importing Studio9 projects. I just finised them off in 9.
      I have a Pentium 4 3.Ghz singlre core processor, 1 gig of Ram, 128 Meg video card and 4 hard drives. Studio is on c drive(IDE). Projects are on F Drive (sata), Capture on E drive( Sata) and Music and photographs for projects on D Drive (IDE)
      So you see I have nothing flash. Only thing that is different to most user – it has no other programs on the machine – only dedicated to video.

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      I would only suggest Avid if you know editing very well. It would probably be a big learning curve for you.

      You’d probably be better off checking out Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 or Sony’s Movie Studio + DVD and then move up to the "big boys" from there.

      Windows even has a free editor called Windows Movie Maker. While it’s not the greatest, it gets the job done. It can be found at

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      hi gang i have been a studio user since st8 and i can tell you that yes it did have some problems w/chrashing but im told that it’s been fixed . i still use st9plus and yes it dose seem a little deveious to charge for all the goodies but they are good goodies i think it would be safe to say they did it like that to stay in the low price line, it probably wouldn’t be sold if they made it a complete package about $600+ and i find it a plus that i get to choose the package i want believe me you will not use all of the transistions they offer unless you just want to show off the transisitions. as far as the system itself i found that it needs ram at least 1gig and a deicated gpu wouldn’t hurt i started with a toshiba w/128 ram and a 1.1gigcpu it would take 8hours or more to render and god forbit you would touch something ohh no crash city! believe it or not i use a hp laptop (im a truck driver) so my studio is anywhere i stop for the night i have 2.2gigcpu,1gigram plan to up it to 2gig soon and a ati gpu w/128ram dedicated and i can do a 50 min disc render in about 2hours so here’s what i found out after too much trial and error 1) you need to shut down eveything running in the backgroud, 2) you need to keep the harddrive defraged 3) i use three harddrives, main for the system one for all of my captures and stills and music and the last for all that i render (they recomend the use of two hd’s) 4) if you are doing a long dvd w/chapters you should render each chapter as you finish it to avi file. that makes it a lot easier on the cpu at the final render/burn 5) remember video takes alot of space on the hd so i have a 80 gig for laptop,and two 180 gig for the other two,and i don’t have more than 50% used space on them. keep them defraged dude. even when the analyze says you do not need it, i do it anyway. 6) take your time, we tend to get pumped up when our creative jucies start to flow if you click give it time to respond if you keep clicking it will crash or freeze and like videoman stated you must let it do the background render before you keep adding more transistions you’ll see the green at top of story board once it’s gone it safe to go farther.remember rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time to make a fine wine. now i don’t know of the other software i only use studio so i can’t say if they are better or worse but i told you all i know of the one you already have and it’s not a bad system. but as soon as i bend mr. compusolver’s brain to figure what cams to get (and take that serious beatdown from momma wifey) i will be looking at other software or just go for the advid liquid. anyway good luck and follow what i said p.s. if you go to pinnacle’s posts you will see that most of what i said is there!

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      I’ve got studio V9 and 10.5. This program does have it’s high points. The smartsound feature is nice. At least you have some royalty free music to start you off, although I found most of it to be useless. The program is very beginner friendly, and if you pet it and tell it you love it pretty often and don’t mind waiting for it to render every change you make, this couild be a good program. I switched to Adobe premier elements 3.0 late last year. I had downloaded the trial version and played with it. Like you I was a little intimidated at first. Now I wish I had this three years ago. The video effects or other changes you make happen instantly. You choose when to render the project. Usually after 1-2 min video is what I do. It is loaded with features, granted some of them are useless also. Adobe offers a great classroom in a book and it comes with a dvd. It offers 12 classes and you build projects using the book for a guide. The book sells for about $35.00 new or cheaper on amazon used. I went with used.
      Yes adobe is intimidating at first, but just get in there and experiment. It won’t eat you.
      Sorry if I offended any die hard Pinnacle lovers, I used to be one myself. πŸ˜‰

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      How much system RAM do you have in your computer? If too little, that might be the cause of crashes. I would suggest at least 1GB. I’ve got 1 GB, and have never had Vegas 7 crash on me. Also, I’ve read that some editing software (not Vegas) makes use of your video card for rendering. If your software does, you might want to check if it supports your video card.

      Good luck! πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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