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      Hi, how is everyone, I was hoping someone could give me a few recommendations for a video camera that would work well for me, Im not looking for anything too fancy. Would like to keep it around 200-400 dollars. All im looking to do is film some small videos at home, but would like them in crystal clear HD. and the ability to plug in a wireless mic to it, I am a magican, and put up small show teasers here and there, I have a small studio with lighting, and know a little be about cameras from a college class I took, White balance, exposure, things of that nature… however i have no idea what is good and what is bad anymore. I have an old sony handycam from the 90’s still haha. I would just like something that has a wide frame of view, and shoots really high quality HD picture, for a cheap price. By no means am I looking for anything production quality. Just simple, but still very nice looking.

      Could anyone recommend some HD Video cameras that I should be looking at?

      Thanks a bunch from a big noobie.


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      For that amount take a look at Point-n-Shoot cameras. Nearly all of them have SD and HD video capacity with good glass and pretty good to very nice pictures. If you want ‘Crystal Clear’ you’re going to have to fork over way more than that.

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