This laptop fine for video editing?

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      Hello everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i was wondering if this set up would be fine for high end video editing. I currently edit normal video, but could possible move to HD later on. I also currently edit on Vegas Pro 8.

      Studio XPS 16

      16 inch display

      Intel core 2 duo t9550 (6 mb cache, 2.66ghz,1066mhz)

      4gb dual channel ddr3 sdram 1067 mhz

      320 gb 7200 rpm sats hard drive

      ati mobility radeon hd 3670 512mb


      Just wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks!

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      Yeah…you’ll be able to do some damage and make some decent HD cuts, but what do you mean by “high end?”That’s a pretty subjective term….

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      Sorry, shouldn’t have necessarily said high end. I’m currently a film student, and want to use this PC to edit my films. Looking to do some independent film work and wedding/commercial work after school, so just seeing if this was good enough for that sort of stuff πŸ™‚

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      If you have some decent skils, that computer can go along way…but eventuallyit’ll probably be necessaryto beef it up a little if you wanna make a decent livingthrowing down some chops…

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      The specs for this PC are probably great for video editing, though I would get a Mac instead if it’s not too much trouble. I do not have one myself, but I heard that they have better speed and stability for editing video.

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      Your machine is just fine for editing. With your current setup you can do a reasonable amount of HD editing (HDV, AVCHD, maybe even XDCAM without a lot of effects.) You’re definitely going to need an external harddrive(s) to hold your media files (doing everything on the OS drive is a bad idea.) You will run into issues with rendering HD effects/transitions (Vegas can’t do realtime effects in HD or DV) and rendering will take up most of your time (unfortunately, I haven’t seen any hardware accelerator cards / adapters for laptops yet.) But for now, you’ve got a system that will get the ball rolling for you. As for the ‘Get a Mac’ mantra, I’ll follow my grandma’s advice, “If you can’t say anything nice….”

Viewing 5 reply threads
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