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      Whoever is in charge – please make the forums like they used to be. That is all.

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      I have been reading these types of comments for a while. What would make these forums better?

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      Derek- This is really an easy request you made. Read the comments. An overwhelming majority want the old forum back. Since we made a few suggestions for the new format without any response, it’s obvious this forum is has no real administrator with the power to make the changes. Is this a hot potato at the office? I liken this change as taking Videomaker Magazine’s format back to linear editing with VHSmachines. Somebody please make a decision.

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      It felt very strange at first. But I have now gotten used to it (based purely on my own forum habits.) I do prefer the old format, but I would not go so far as to say it should go back. This format is different, but the content continues with similar questions etc. If one concenttrates on the purpose, rather than the format – it seems trivial in some ways to argue that it could somehow be worse. Having said that – once again – I did refer the look and feel of the old format.

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      In the magazine I keep reading about you guys wanting social networking and all that jazz on the site.

      Why not just do it with vBul ? They offer all those kind of solutions as add-ons and whatnot from other companies.

      The only thing keeping me here is my loyalty as a subscriber to the magazine. I’m a newb, so I’ll wait it out until the site gets fixed.

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      Derek- This is really an easy request you made. Read the comments. An overwhelming majority want the old forum back. Since we made a few suggestions for the new format without any response, it’s obvious this forum is has no real administrator with the power to make the changes. Is this a hot potato at the office? I liken this change as taking Videomaker Magazine’s format back to linear editing with VHSmachines. Somebody please make a decision.

      I have gone to all the suggested alternatives given as the solution set in each of the postings and I haven’t found any tools that are not available here. The color choices are different, but the functionality and the features seem close enough to say we are not losing anything but the blue. In the lounge I think, and I am speaking here for me, that the types of threads or topics that we are trying to develop are those best shared in weblogs, and this lounge has the ability to develop that type of community. The forum question types, and problem solving is done here, and the collaboration and sharing are done there, and in the lounge that can be done with a single sign on. We have just launched the ability to start groups in the blog area to help people collaborate in that manner. I will continue to look into sharing features that I find useful, and I really do care what happens in this community and I am listening and trying to make a better place to share the enjoyment of making video.

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      I think a forum should follow a basic setup.

      It’s like your editor, what if the company that made your editor suddenly did away with the timeline and replaced it with something that doesn’t look, feel or even function like a timeline? Would you still use the product or switch to something you are more comfortable with?

      Forums are like that. I’m used to a basic fourm system that most follow. This forum seems alien and doesn’t have any continuity.

      Things are out of place, in the wrong place or don’t exist at all. No one wants to have to figure out how to use the forum just to post a comment or come back and follow a thread. I think Videomaker would do much better by just using a pre-existing and popular forum style. There are plenty out there, so why re-invent the wheel when it would be much easier and functional to use one people are comfortable with?

      Videomaker is in a position to build a really diverse community with plenty of good content. In my opinion that opportunity is being wasted on a delivery system that no one is comfortable with.

      If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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      Having been on this forum a few days ago and read several of the posts and they were all marked as read I left. Today I come back to find all of the posts that I read are now nolonger marked. It is very counterproductive for me to come onto the site and reread all of the posts that I have already read.

      This needs to be corrected or a lot of people will stop coming to your site.

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      If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it….. now it’s really broke and noboby will own up to it. SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE A DECISION!!!!!!!!!

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      heheheheh guys,….. yah, your right .. pretty cool? huh… i dont think so coz it seems its very confusing on what you wanna post.. hehheh.. anyways, i’m glad to join this forum coz it makes learn more or expand my knowledge in film making…

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      OK – Want a concrete suggestion? Posting here is painful – I cannot read type this small (Firefox 2.0) and when I hit enter for a new line I get two. Very unituitive interface – Someone really should use different message board software – I hope you guys didn’t pay for this….

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      It may look like two lines, but it’s just a new paragraph.

      As far as font size, it is safe to let your web browser control it. Press control-Plus or control-minus to change the font size for the entire page. Control-0 (that’s a zero) will get you back to your default. If you’re on a Mac . it might be the Command or option buttons instead of control.

      Anyone else reading this… please post a comment if the reply box text is too small for you. If a majority favor increasing the size, I’ll make it happen.

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      Its obvious that videomaker doesn not care what we think. in this thread and others, people continue to ask for the forum to be changed back to what it was before. I have seen numerous threads where people complain about the content of the magazine, the forum layout, the website navigation, etc. The comments and criticisms are are clear, honest, and detailed. Each and ever time, videomaker turns the tables with an insipid remark or some silly response. Sometimes videomaker deletes negative posts, especially if they are about the magazine. People keep asking, begging, pleading for things to change an get better…

      And videomaker makes more excuses about why the changes should stay. VIDEOMAKER DOES NOT CARE.

      Just like the magazine, that rehashes covert product advertising and weak tech articles, VIDEOMAKER DOES NOT CARE.

      They don’t want to improve, they don’t want to expand, why? becuase VIDEOMAKER DOES NOT CARE.

      This site and the magazine is not really about educating videographers or creating a community. If any of that happens, it is purely a by product of trying to sucker another newbie into buying a subscription or supporting online ctp advertising. This thread and others creates controversey and gets people talking, but videomaker knows it won’t change. It doesn;t want to change.Its all about the money & vanity. VIDEOMAKER DOES NOT CARE about you or me.

      The fact is, VIDEOMAKER cares about money. Go away, stop your subscription, go somewhere else. Then they will care. Only when Ken is standing in the short line at the soup kitchen will he think to himself—gee, maybe I should care what my customers think. TBTW here are some really great forums out there. But videomaker just isn’t one of them. These other sites are stable, they have depth, and can appeal to a huge spectrum of users from beginner to advanced. You will actually learn something there. You will ask a question and get some good answers. They are honest in their product reviews and content. They repect what you think. I for one will be shopping somewher else, until vidoemaker changes.

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      Videomaker rarely deletes posts. Deleted posts are either SPAM, personal attacks or full of profanity. Videomaker does not delete posts just because they are negative.

      Videomaker does care about this community. There have been many solicitations for feedback. Unfortunately some of the feedback has been too general or just ranting. Comments like “These forums suck” and “switch the forums back” aren’t too helpful. What’s needed is specific examples of what isn’t liked or what isn’t working correctly.

      However much of the feedback (both negative and positive) has been very constructive. This is appreciated greatly appreciated. Comments like “avatars aren’t lining up in IE6”, “show unread topics” and “the reply box text is too small” are very useful.

      BTW, who is Ken?

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      I rest my case. Above there are are at least three or four SPECIFIC suggestions regarding problems with the new design. Some about font color, page layout,marking posts, some about font size in replies…the list goes on. There is another thread called THE NEW FORUM SUCKS or something like that. There are lists of things to be changed there also. It is is incredible to me that you ignore these resomendations/complaints and instead insist that everythingis fine or we’re just not specific enough. How can you say we are not specific enough?

      AClark why notadress these issues? How much more specific do we need to be? Why do you keep making excuses for the poor results of the new forum design? What vested interest do you have in keeping things in this poor state? Just fix them. Simple. Don’t make excuses. Don’t avoid the issue. Just fix it.

      Rearding the magazine, there have been numerous complaints from subscribers about the very basic nature of the articles and the constant product hocking desiguised as product reviews. many people, myself included stopped our subscriptions becuase of the generally weak, poor value of the content of the mag. There has been very little real educational content from anyone above the level of basic or entry level videographer. For a magazine that has so much advertising, Videomaker has extremely weak content. The content seems driven by the editors and what they alone know. Go beyond what they know—there’s nothing. They don’t search for diversitified industry profesionals to contribute. Take for example Greative Cow, with its free videographer mag, has better articles (providing real interviews and info) that Videomaker does. How is this possible? they have little advertising, Videomaker has huge advertising.

      The reason we all know is becuase getting guest writers and real content costs money. Its easier to hock products and keep the advertising revenue than actually provide a service. Videomaker probably gets away with it becuase there is viturally no competition at the news stand. Ha! You got us. The same mentality keeps the forum in the poor state it is…but the beauty of the itnernet is there are better video maker forums on the net.Tell you what, AClark you make excuses and tell us to be specific. How about we start listing the links to better videographer forums on the net. That way people can see whats out there. maybe we’re all wrong and you’re right. We’ll help ourselves. If Videomaker is truely great, then there should be no problem standing tall against your competition.

      If you have a internet forum that deals with videography, that you think is better than Videomaker, please POST it below.

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      first comment of this thread: “Whoever is in charge – please make the forums like they used to be.” that seems to be a call from a forum goer to not change. I can understand that but with this new forum we have introduced the possibility of blogs which we hope will be used to share even more space in our community and give more of a voice to the readers. The next post in this thread; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” again a call to return to when we were getting it right. I have been a big advocate of this move forward to a “blogging” sharing community and giving the “readers” more server space in this community. A place to really call home where personal work can be shared and find real enthusiasts to have conversations about shared interests. It is with a more modern “blog” approach that I thought the lounge would then take some of these threads and build “blogs”. We did not want to have people in a forum area have to have two sign-ins to find the information, so we chose an industry standard Blog slash Forum solution. If you notice the solution is WordPress and bbpress which claims “2,310,063 blogs and 104,977 new posts” just today. In doing this I thought I would ruffle a few regulars and I do take that very seriously, but I was hoping the new capabilities would out weigh the difference of layout. We have made changes and we are constantly updating the forum. One of the things I like most about this format is the ability to pull RSS feeds from threads and I have it going to my netvibes home page so any time some one posts I have a reason to come back and address the concern. As for the level of article, we try not to scare any beginner away from video so we do have a lot of basic skills offerings, and we are always attempting to do both, give them a good solid foundation, and give more advanced video producers avenues to find other information. We know that once you get through with our offerings you will move on. The lounge is a place that the more advance producer can share their work and help the beginner in their journey. Again we are attempting to make a comfortable community the more you contribute the more we can grow.

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      Sample for character color and size.

      Well, the pasting didn’t allow the correct size characters and there is no way that I can see to change their size.(problem) This was meant to be constructive and show “General Questions” a size or two larger and blue/navy blue. “High-Definition” is maroon instead of red. This is easier to read and separates lines and subject by color. Keep the very light grey background behind the main topic- couldn’t do it in the sample.

      <table id=”forumlist”>
      <tr class=”bb-parent bb-root”>
      <td><font color=”#000080″>General Questions</font><small><font size=”2″ face=”Verdana”> A place for posts that don’t fit into any other category.</font></small></td>
      <td class=”num”></td>
      <td class=”num”></td>

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      I give up. I show an example and get garbage when it’s uploaded.

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      Thanks for the color suggestion. I brought it up at a meeting recently and it’s still being considered. One thing that we are trying to avoid is having different link colors in different areas of the website.

      It may have been too subtle to notice, but I did darken the red links in the topic lists a couple of weeks ago. Anyone using Opera will need to clear out the cache before seeing the change.

      Regarding custom HTML… Only these HTML tags are allowed: a blockquote br code em strong ul ol li img strike p this should be sufficient for most folks. Deprecated tags such as font are not included.

      BTW, The font size of the reply box has been increased.

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      Thanks. The red really needs to be changed to blue or some color that is readable. Red induces the anger πŸ˜‰ We can chill to blue.

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