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      Hey.. I am working on a 1 min video project. It is my first attempt at making an audio/visual clip. I need to be sure (if selected) that the finished product will technically be able/compatible with airing it on TV.

      I found some software called “windows moviemaker” on my laptop(Acer aspire 3100). Along with my webcam I am hoping that is all I’ll need to shoot and edit a small 1 min digital video clip.

      QUESTION : Can I(windows XP) make a small digital video clip using my laptop/web-cam/Windows Moviemaker ?

      With money being an issue…Do I need anything else? Will the mic built in my laptop be enough? Any audio software recommendations? Do I even need audio software? Perhaps widows moviemaker has sufficient audio mixing?

      I only have 2 weeks to do this. I am trying to read and study everything I can but because of the deadline I need your help. I am making for the first time a 1 min digital movie. If there is anything you can suggest about making a GREAT 1 min digital movie I would deeply appreciate it!!

      Thanks for taking the time to read this! amateur


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      It CAN be done with what you have, depending on the overall challenges and needs of the piece. More and better is always a nice thing, but you have the bottom line basics for doing SOMETHING.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      You can do a top of the line video with your cellphone easily, it only takes good planning. Prepare a storyboard (you don’t need to be an artist, stick figures will do) or a shot sequence so you know exactly what you want. For the audio part try to record in a quiet place if possible or if you have dialogue record it separately and use dialog replacement techniques in Movie Maker.

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      While you certainly can produce some interesting video with the tools you mentioned,it is not suitable forbroadcastTV.

      If you are entering a contest run bya TV station for amateur video, then your tools could beadequate.

      ManyTV station accept video clips of news events shot by people who happened to be on the scene and will accept footage shot even on a cell phone ifthe content is newsworthy.

      The key to a successful short1 minute video is not so much the equipment but the storyor message tht you are telling with the videoand that is where your focus should be at this stage -until you can get more suitable equipment.


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      Think of it this way….

      Everything you try and learn about the gear you have applies towards doing similar projects with better equipment.

      It isn’t like skydiving… if you’re jumping out of a plane, on the way down, is not the time to find out that shoelaces and a bedsheet aren’t a suitable replacement for the proper gear…. With what you’re doing, you get as many chances as you’re willing to take, and along the way you learn what works and what you need to improve for next time. Have fun!

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      Everyone is so positive and encouraging on these forums. I’m so glad you guys didn’t blast this earnest beginner. You, zephercan, have the right mindset about moviemaking – do what you can with what you’ve got. Go get em.

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      and show us what you come up with!

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