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      I have just joined the group so I hope I am not breaking any rules when I ask you about this PC I wish to use to help me edit. I cant afford an APPLE MAC at the moment so I hope to buy a FUJITSU SIEMENS SP P4 640 . You will be able to find it by logging on to and by looking under FULL DETAILS will be able find all the SPEC’s It comes with a 17 inch tft monitor. It has a fire wire installed so I assume I do not require a capture card.

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      I haven’t looked up your computer choice, but as to your question about the firewire…
      if you are going to be importing from an analog source (i.e. VHS, S-VHS, Hi8) then you will need a analog to digital converter that will import the digital file through the firewire port. If you have a digital camera that can connect to your pc via firewire, then you are good to go.


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