there must be something out therre !

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      I made this with windows movie maker

      go here

      but now I find I cant use windows movie maker
      at least not for making vids like above
      it just won t import jpegs or if it
      does it won t drag them to the time line etc

      I was using arcsoft vid impression to do
      a similar thing but suddenly that
      is saving the vid but theres no sound

      for some reason

      anyway, surely there are other softwares out
      there that will do a similar job, with
      transitions ect
      free or otherwise
      can anyone recomend anything ???

      thanks for advice

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      You are in luck, well that is if you have a legal copy of MS Windows. They have a free program called Photo Story, which will do what you want, but you must be running a legit copy of MS windows.

      Well I don’t know why I can’t get the url to work using the tags, but just surch on photo story and you should find it with out a problem.

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      thanks I managed to d load photostory

      at least it works and I can make movies
      that will upload to you tube etc

      can t see any transitions though
      but it will have to do till I find
      something a bit more sophisticated………….

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      back to square one

      I uploaded the movie to u tube
      and a notice came up

      failed to convert video file

      ( I think they convert everything to flash or
      something )

      so Im back where I started

      photo story is windows format, you d think
      there d be no problem ! it must be a wav file !

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