Theraputic sleeping bag

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      Im writing you i want a video made can you help me out

      I would like to start a new treatment concerning different sleeping methods
      that would be beneficial for the disabled. The treatment is beneficial because it is very similar to the comfort of a womb; the patient feels warmed, cocooned, and very relaxed.

      1. Sleeping bag with hood
      2. Blankets
      3. Patient Form


      <p align=”right”>Date ___/___/_____
      <p align=”right”>
      <p align=”center”>TREATMENT FORM

      Person providing care: _____________________ Time of Treatment ___:___

      <p align=”right”>(Am / pm)

      First Name: __________________________________

      Middle Name: ________________________________

      Last Name: ___________________________________

      Sex: male female

      Age: ______

      Mailing Address:




      Phone number __________________

      City __________________________

      State _________________________

      Zip __________________________

      Email Address ___________________________________________________

      How you feeling? Click all that apply: Cold Sick Other

      (THE SCRIPT)
      After a patient has check in, a nurse request the patient to fill out a treatment form.
      Checked into The assuming admittance at the hospital,
      Fill out the intake form this is necessary because they might have a hard time talking
      the patient is asked to wait for their name to be called.
      They should with in wait for 20 minutes

      A nurse comes over to the patient and drapes a blanket over patient body.
      The patient in a wheel chair
      the blanket goes, over the body

      Then the patient is wheeled down the hall and into a room that has a bed with side bars?
      The porter is wheeling the patient

      When they get in the room, there are two assistants that are waiting for patient to get settle in the room, and then the assistants help the patient into a sleeper suit, and then
      assistants help the patient into a sleeping bag, which is on the bed, and lock the railings into the up position.

      The assistants place the pillows, and the rolled up blankets into the sleeping bag, and zip it up. The team nurse puts a big pillow under the patients head, draws the curtain, and leaves the room.

      Now the team looks over the treatment form that the patient had completed to
      verify the patients requests.
      (At the main desk)

      Team A nurse the team nurse and doctor and theres assistant)
      (hospital protocol to verify everything?
      (When did the assistants get the instructions about the treatment requests?) After patient in bed

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