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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      This is a promotional video that I made for a local therapeutic horseback riding center. Let me know what you think.

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      Daniel – Overall very good. A couple of suggestions:

      1) Look into some form of stabilization for the shakes – I use ProDad Mercalli 2 and NewBlueFX Stabilzer Pro – they both work but do things a bit differently – Download the demos and see how you like them.

      2) Audio could use some work – Add a little warmth maybe.

      3) Color correct the clips to a more consistent look.

      4) Instead of cuts to short interview clips with the same composition (framing), try some b-roll or tighter framing instead of the short clip – example: 6:36 – 6:51.

      5) Small thing but you may want to add more info in the credits like their contact info and a plug for yourself.

      As I said, overall a good job – Would love to see it after working on it a bit more.

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      Whilst all birdcat comments are valid I don’t think therewas ever a video I have done, when on reflection when I look backon it and consider it would have been better, if only I could have done this or that different. It’s great to see youmoving away from the previous excellent Smackwhitz style videos.

      In my opinion you have a gift for story-telling, great photography skills,goodediting skillsand in this video you demonstrated you have the ability to capture multiple aspects of the subject, thatmanyprofessionals miss.

      I always try to make the presentation go as smooth and easy on the eye as possible and at all costs avoids jump cuts by means of either B roll cut aways or the use of a second side on camera in interviews.

      Looking forward to your next project, congratulations and good luck.

      Rocky “Down Under”

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      @Rocky (et al) – Please don’t think I didn’t (don’t) love Daniel’s work. He is a talented young film maker and I look forward to viewing his work when he posts it.

      There are several components to a good video. First and foremost is the story itself, followed closely by the imagery used to convey that story. After those come artistic style (editing), dialogue and music, followed by technical issues. It is in this last area that I think all (myself at the top of that list) can improve as all it requires is time, something that seems to be a dwindling commodity.

      To me, there are three components that go into being a great story teller. Innate talent – having the ability to see what you want in your head before ever setting one frame to tape; Technology – which can be rectified by adding equipment (and sadly money); and finally skill, which comes from using your technology to it’s fullest (time and practice). I’ve long said it is your technology that should limit you – as it is the easiest component to improve.

      I often go back through my old projects to see what I would have done differently (I am my harshest critic) and never fail to trash work I have done – Thankfully, once I deliver a version to the client I stop active work on it – otherwise I’d never have a deliverable product. I think many here fall into that same behavior.

      Bottom line – Daniel has the talent, which he has shown by his work. He has the technology (but that changes). He can make the most impact on his work by critically reviewing what he has done and seeing what he would/could have done differently.

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      Birdcat I with you all the way, I can only wish that when I first started out I had people like yourself to offer me constructive suggestions, I would encourage Daniel to takeany and allcomments on board.In retrospect, when starting outno matter what booksI read on video related subjectsthat true professional look is only achieved with time and practice and guidance.

      Afterwatching his and his sisters Smackwhitz “comedy” videos, IconsiderDaniel’san outstanding talentand his riding promo video only serves to confirmmy opinion.

      Guess we will both askingDaniel for advice down the line some time!

      Regards, Rocky, Down Under

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      excellent…. seems to be in the news a lot lately. gotta love innovative therapies. Oh and nice video work too…lol

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      Daniel, excellent video as always. My only criticism would be the audio. When she is speaking there is a definite echo going on, not to mention wind noise. The footage is awesome and it is a great story but the audio needs a little work. When you get the audio worked out, you are on your way. Keep shooting and have fun.

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      Sure there are some minor technical flaws. But all in all it tells a verycompelling story and it presents the message of what theorganizationis all about. Your work just keeps getting better. This is a very moving piece. Thanks for sharing.


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