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      Please see the following thread…

      I posted this in this forum so I can keep a better eye on it. Videomaker has the full right to use anything they see fit from this concept without any other notice.

      The VMN (VideoMaker Network)
      The Concept: A video hosting site for approved members (uploaders) only.
      Membership Terms: Members must produce all their own work and all video/photos/music and effects they must own or have copyright use of. Members must be 18 years old or over or of legal age in the host country (legal issues, cant sue a minor). No video can contain sexual explicit scenes, promote hate violence, promote racial, tribal, ethnicity, or religions above another. (Example, a modern day version of slavery, or Nazism for the sake of promoting a political viewpoint and its intent is to promote hate.) Cant upload useless videos, lighting farts or bugger picking feedings, etc.
      Site Organization: The site itself should be set up via genre, “DRAMA, FAMILY, DOCUDRAMA, DOCUMENTARY, HORROR, COMING OF AGE, COMEDY, ADVERTS, MUSIC VIDEOSetc) Then each member creates a channel, “THE TASANA STUDIOS NETWORK” and within that channel all that members videos are sorted by genre. With each video upload the member must provide supporting copyright documents to an online server database under that member ID. No supporting copyright document no live video.
      Advertising: As the site grows advertisers will be drawn in. There are several ways to place adverts on a video.
      1) The member chooses from adverts for what they would like promoted.
      2) The VMN has a set of guidelines of what type of adverts to allow.
      Each video will have adverts, preferably within the video so as to force the person to watch. Each advert profits to be divided between The VMN and the member, shares to be decided by a committee if this happens. The same committee will administer the payouts, and they are paid for their services from the adverts shares that are paid to The VMN.
      The member may NOT upload any video they have on The VMN to ANY other site on the net period. Example I produce a video, upload it to The VMN and then to youtube to help draw in viewers. This has a lot of problems, 1 why should the viewer come over to The VMN, 2 we lose advert monies, 3 it detracts from the principal of The VMN. Advertising is allowed on other video hosting sites, Example a trailer on youtube, but the visitor has to click to go to The VMN to watch. If a video is uploaded to another site the video is to be removed from The VMN, Zooppa has a similar policy to prevent producers from getting unfair results.
      Members must pay an $8.00 per month lawyer on retainer fee to The VMN, this is going to upset a few people but here it goes. The VMN needs to be protected from copyright lawsuits, and regardless of the approval process, someone will try to use copyrighted material. So a 3 member trust committee (no member of this committee can be on the same as the payout committee) is created, each member is on the bank account, no ability to have a debit card or use the account for online payments, all three must approve any legal purchase. Now here is what the money is used for, not the members but for The VMN.
      Example: Tasana Studios uploads a video, uploads supporting copyright documents, and the video goes live. Then someone or some company claims copyright violation. The owner of Tasana Studios lives in the US and has provided the proper documents so following the written laws of the US innocent until guilt is proven, the video stays live with a notice that so-and-so has brought forth a challenge. The challenger is sent a legal notice that the burden of proof falls upon them to prove; a written statement is not enough. They have to provide detailed documents of their claim. The retainer money is used to protect The VMN, they basically fight for the right to host the video and leave it up, but they have lawyers on retainer that do it for them. If the claimant cannot prove that they have the copyright then the video stays and the member has no worries or bill. If the claimant has proven beyond doubt that their material was stolen then the video is pulled, and the claimant is given all the information to pursue the member that they will need, the members must agree to this upon joining, the member may not use retainer funds to protect himself, he has misused the copyright provision and must defend himself. The lawyer monthly retainer fee to The VMN is to protect The VMN and keep uploads as honest as we can. As far as “punishment I do not think a member should be banned for 1 copyright violation, but perhaps an upload restriction for a period of time. Several violations however may require a trip behind the wood shed.
      The VMN cannot fund ANY project; they must remain neutral as to videos. Of course owners of may upload, but they may not use monies from the parent company or site to fund a project. The VMN is to act as an outlet for Independent Film Makers, not a source of funding. Producers will need to seek their own source funding, however they may bankroll the advert proceeds into their PayPal account to fund future projects.
      If I think of anything else Ill post it, but this is the basic idea.

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      I suppose this might be of benefit to some forum members, although I’m not certain how it serves better than Vimo, YouTube or the several other video sharing sites.

      I don’t think it could be of any value to our company as virtually all of what we do is proprietary and could never be shown on this or any other video sharing service.


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      I can’t speak for VideoMaker Magazine but I don’t see why they would want to take on this gargantuan task. While I am not hopping up and down with enthusiasm, I am also unwilling to answer “No Way” on the poll…

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      Nah, no need for it. Wouldn’t get the advertising support IMHO. VM likely would not want the headache.

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