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      Here is how I see the ultimate Videography (Videomaker) forum or community web site. You may add anything you wish…

      The forum would be easy to read and post. Find posts and respond. Nice color scheme.

      Videomakers would have the ability to post their own blog here, with the ability to post video, pictures and links. (VBlog – like Blogger, myspace, etc)

      There would be a feed system like UTube where members could stream their own created content.

      A chat room with video, audio and text chat. Regular scheduled chat nights with members of the magazine present to answer questions (Guests hosts) and private rooms.

      A Screening Room with some of the best uploaded videos playing.

      Contests with good prizes for videomakers.

      A Download section of backgrounds, sound effects, lower thirds, wipes, animations, stock footage and sound effects. Free to users.

      Create a network of users to produce content for the Video “Tips” section in the magazine and web site.

      Featured Videographer section, with promos, portfolio reels, samples of event videography, etc. (Samples of your work)

      Specials, coupons and other things to attract users. Perhaps a free subscription, 20-50% off software from vendors, Perhaps a ‘points’ system whereby the more video you upload and is rated good the more points you get, and those points translate into deals in the online store. Trade advertising to vendors to get the specials. (Buy 6 months of ads in the magazine and get another 3 months free IF you offer a deal to the users.)

      Classified sections, such as wedding videographers and services offered. Equipment for sell. Books, tapes, anything.

      Jobs section. Potential clients could peruse the section and look for a videographer in their area. Search by state, county, even city. Post resumes, reels, samples, and prices. (like Brides could find a videographer here. Coporations could find videographers for freelance work.

      Perhaps even your own online store, linked to, createspace, amazon or wherever you sell videos.

      List of film festivals and information on them.

      email, message system and IM system. (

      Some of the above already exists but it would be combined into a more friendly and easy to access web presence.

      Anyway, just some thoughts… feel free to add to the list.


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