The Ultimate DSLR Long Lens….

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      For those of you DSLR users with ‘Long Lens Envy’ here’s one that should absolutely depress you. In this video you’ll see a 5200mm (yes that’s five thousand 200 milimeters) lens that was apparently used with a Canon DSLR. Wait ’till you see the flippin’ lens cap on that bad boy! Needless to say, ‘hand held’ is not optional.

      Canon 5200mm F/14 DSLR lens from Amir Yari on Vimeo.

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      Unbelievably cool!

      When the video started my first thought was; “wonder why they’re using that lens to take a picture of some jet engine?” And then I realized I was looking at the lens!

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      My only complaint is they didn’t show how it was attached to the lens. They showed the locking ring on the rear, but not the adapter rig nor the camera attached to it. They probably only had one camera to work with. Still though, I think they could have seen what that girl had in her ‘fridge!

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      I would like to see the telescope (lens) without the box around it. It must have one massive cassegrain reflector in it. The camera end looked to me to be for a broadcast video camera as the one view looked like a backfocus adjust knob/ring (not that the new DSLRs would not need one as well).

      Though you might be able to look into her ‘fridge, the atmospheric scintillation probably wouldn’t let you read the expiration date on the carton of milk.

      Did they post anything about the intended application (other than the very long reach) for that monster?

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      I don’t know, the scintillation would have given the carton a real ‘cinematic feel’. Nope, they just had the flick up at the time. I’ll check back to see what they said if anything in the comments section. I tell you that lens looks like something one of ‘Batman’s’ villains would turn loose on an unsuspecting city.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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