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      I’m getting started and buying cameras. Does it make sense to start out by purchasing HD Cameras? Can I use a non-HD camera with an HD camera until I can go all HD?

      Also, what is the status of HD DVD burning? I’ve heard that it will be possible this fall.

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      You didn’t say, in this post, but I checked your other posts, and it seems you’re talking about video for weddings.

      You’ll find (by using the Search option on these forums) that there has been a ton of previous discussion on this topic, but in short, here’s the deal –

      * Blue-Ray burners & players are already in distribution (about $1000 each). (This from website)
      * The fastest prosumer HD cam is the FX1 at 3-Lux. That does not compare favorably to the PD170, VX2100 at 1-Lux.
      * It is your market that decides whether it is economically feasible to go HD. You need to know your market.

      As for your other question – whether you can shoot with one HD cam and a couple of SDs – I think this is an excellent question that deserves its own topic.

      Oh, and as for your last phrase – this IS fall! Today is the first day of fall.

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      Yeah, the two things I don’t like about the FX1 are the sound inputs and low-light problems. I’m thinking that if I invest in the FX1 now, my next camera will be a step up, and the FX can go on the tripod for HD jobs.

      It is your market that decides whether it is economically feasible to go HD. You need to know your market.

      I agree, but brides aren’t always thinking about twenty, fifty and one hundred years down the road. SD will seem to their future grandchildren like black and white seems to us today. For that reason I could sell HD with conviction. I’d rather sell the service than wait until brides get savy to HD and ask me about it. The HD cams aren’t that much more expensive, and going HD also takes me one step higher than their uncle’s voluntary videography.

      I do still struggle with the low-light issue.

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