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      Mark this thread because I will just add to it and mark what is sold, this thread is due to this thread..

      I will list my computer later, but man I hate to loose Thor he is worth a mint. Bestest computer, beautiful, I’ll take his photo later.

      I will list my primary camera first it is the Canon HF21

      If you scroll down you can see my own review.

      here it is on Canon’s site

      When released it listed for $999.99 and today Canon has a list price of $599.99, It is a really nice camera and I have taken good care of it.

      I have the mini-hot shoe shotgun mic with 3 directional settings and cat sock, it picks up really nice. I also have the camcaddie with it and the lens hood and a view hood, carrying case, all cables and software.

      So here is what I would LIKE to get,

      Camera Alone: I would like to get at least $500.00 but I will entertain good offers. (with pleather case)

      Shotgun Mic with Cat Skin: At lease $140.00 This is WAY under what I paid and current price, I will include the case I assembled to carry it with.

      If I get the full $500.00 for the camera I will include the lens hood, viewer hood and camcaddie and real pleather carry case. If I have to settle for an offer under $500.00 for the camera I will not include the lens hood, viewer hood, camcaddie and real pleather carry case.

      All the above, camera, (all cables, charger and software and remote) shotgun mic, cam caddie, lens hood, viewer hood, real pleather carry case: $640.00 + All Shipping cost is paid by buyer. Payment via paypal and of course payment first.

      I have a Ravelli tripod as well (I am using it in the photo of me.)

      And like all things it has dropped in price. So I will ask $60.00 + buyer pay all shipping.

      Remember this money is being raised to pay off my remaining debt because I do not have life insurance and I want to ensure my wife has not worries. So if you feel moved to pay a higher price I will not be offended. You can also pick up the items. I will take a photo of all the above tomorrow and post it.

      I will list the other stuff I want to sell over the next few days weeks. I will list my computer last, it would make a great editing computer. I will of course included my entire software, video editing software etc…but that is another listing because it will not be cheap. Anyway this is the start of the dismantling of Tasana. grab a piece while you can.

      I will also be selling my domain, if anyone is interested.

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      Hi Gregory. I just learned of your medical problems; what a total bummer, compounded by the fact that you won’t be able to pursue video, which you obviously love doing.

      I’ve been through three bouts of my wife’ cancers and, while I’m not near enough to help with support on a day to day basis, I can relate to what you’re facing and you have my heartfelt best wishes for the future.

      Glad to hear that you’re going to keep in touch here on the forum.


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      Good luck on your auctions and your health issues. I hope you’re available for us as long as possible!

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      Here is a photo of the camera with everything else.


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      Buyer’s Pending on all the above, @ $800.00. I have two persons that are interested. One just left the house. He wants my website contracts as well. But for another price.

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