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      Hello everyone.

      Iam Constantine and Iam a steadicam operator,robotics operator as well as a designer in camera support systems.

      I have a new product coming up soon.Its the running rig or RR-1 camera stabilizer.It a hand held camera stabilizer for small cams like the future scarlet, hd-xdcam,ikonoscope,mk2-5d ,aaton a-minima, and generaly ligh cameras of any kind.

      the RR-1 is stil under development and testing but you can get an idea of what it is at

      and you can email me any questions or feedback at

      Thank you very much


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      Look this camera supportand product Shape

      You ca run whit camera support Shape wlb. Visit this site



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      Hello again. The HR-1which is the final development of the running rig projects is almost done and while we are about to release it as a productin the next coupleof weeks I thought I write you some info about it for those that are interested.First of all as an answer to the above post Mylene the HR-1 is a shoulder mount system for HD cams like EX-1, EX3, and latest cams from panasonic, jvc, as well as the very popular cannon mk2-5d, and of cource XL-1 and latest series. You can also use with very lite film cams like Aaton A-minima, or arri 235, or Ikonoscope both film and S-16, and the upcoming new red series of scarlet.So What is so very different about this system?

      First I will talk about the components. It has quik release x stage and cheeseplate like steadicam style,and supports a Carbon fiber rod system 15mm for matte box and accessories like focus motors e.t.c.You can slide the plate in and out to balance the camera.This stage is not a manfrotto or other similar style , its rock solid made with CNC TOOLS and 6061 T6 aluminum hard anodised.the rods for the accessories is 15mm carbon fiber.

      Secondly it utilises 360 degrees panning rotating one handle that spins the stage and cam in both directions. That means that you can now follow your subjects from the side with out turning you body just pan the camera and walk parallel with your subject, or even make circles around it , or even more following it ahead by means walking ahead spoting the camera looking back just like DON JUAN to those who are related to steadicam moves.That feature gives you so much freedomnow with no uncorfortable body possitions and lets you achieeve moves you couldnt before. Your viewing is from a monitor of your choice always ahead of you what ever the pan angle of your cam is.

      Third is that you can duch roll the camera in a roll axis.The system utilises 10 precision bearings to achieve all these rotational moves. the roll axis is very useful taking some of your walking errors plus following the exact shoulder angle that your body has.

      the rest of the system is CNC made hard anodised handles, Carbon fiber rod sustem 19mm, and 35mm, a shoulder pad and rotatnal mechanism.

      All materials are high quality and top knotch.

      So as you see its not just a simple bracket system that you just rest the camera on your shoulder as the rig you mentioned above.

      I would like you to be patiend for another 2 max 3 weeks so you can view shoots of the actual system as well as photos on my site

      The system is patended and will be introdused in a friendly price for the first 20 pieces after its release.

      Please wait patiendly for another 2-3 weeks and you will see what I mean.

      After releasing all vids and stuff Iam intending to send the prototype over for trial all over the world as long as you pay for postage, I will have to work at this to find best way doing it but I would really love to give it to people that do reviews in new tools for magazines and stuff.

      I promise you this is something very nice and I wont sucrifise quality for price that why even the prototype is made of all the high materials planed from the very beginning.

      Last I wouls aso like to apologise about not releasing the RR-1 stabilizer.After carefull RandD i have decided that it would be very costly to produce and that would take the price very high close to steadicam devises as it shared a lot of components of these devices, and that is not the goal Iam after in these difficult days the world is going through.Maybe after redesign I can find ways around it but thats for the future.

      The waiting for the delivery of the HR-1 will be 3 weeks at latest for those interested to buy. But thats for later.

      Thank you very much and you are welcome to ask any additional info you might need at my site or even in my privet mail at

      best regards


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      Some of the parts of the HR-1 MADE WITH CNC and superb quality and hard anodizing….. it comes to life …..very soon….

      Check at under products…

      See you soon



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      After buying a Sumo II Pro from Shape, i went on the Running Rig website to check their products and i must say from the pictures i am not impressed with what they have so far. Their equipment looks much too big and uneasy to use. I am VERY impressed on the other hand with Shape by its design, workmanship and price. I shoot for Films and TV and since i’m using a EX3 camera with follow focus and mattebox, i even noticed by going on their website that they have a new line of PRO products out and i noticed you can custom fit a Letus or Pro 35 on it… outstanding!! for more details…

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      There is also the Shoulder Shooter – Only $60 –

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      hello again.
      Iam sure that shape has some good products for you guys but please have in mind that the HR1 is a brand new design with many different features patented mechanics and most off all it works, and it works for big cams too.
      Look at my videos , if you can do what i did there with any other hand held and 8 kgr of cam load I will never write a word again.
      the hr-1 is a new machine doing different things and not just another shoulder support system. its not for everyone, its made for action , and special moves.
      have a listen to what people say , and an intervew from jason wingrove at red center podcast #44 and #45.
      First units sold to Australia and Europe , all for red users .
      thanks for your time and i would appreciate if you post with real names.

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      Hello just an update for all 5D-7D style DSLR camera shooters…
      <!– m –>I have a new rig THE SCORPION RIG that is a very
      modular shoulder mount with belt and back spring support system
      adjustable for any weight camera up to 2.5-3 kgr
      the complete package includes main rig, belt, back spring support system.
      It weights 300grams full carbon rods , and you can view the prototype version AT:
      <!– m –><!– m –>
      THIS IS JUST A QUICK VIDEO just to show of the system and how it works.
      Soon a production model will be available at the 500 euro range complete.
      It can also support smal HD camcorders up to 3 kgr.

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      A have found a monopod with a ball head also makes a good shoulder
      steady. Rotate the ball head so the monopod is nearly parallel with the
      base of the camcorder and along the optical axis leaving just enough
      room for your left hand. Grasp the monopod handle with your left hand
      with the monopod shaft on or pressed against your right shoulder and
      your left upper arm pressed next to your body. Your left forearm forms
      a triangle with themonopod and your upper body. This triangle steadies
      the camcorder yet allows flexible movement for hand held shooting.
      This leaves your right hand free to control the camcorder and a clear
      view of the screen. Keep your feet about a foot or so apart and further
      steady yourself against a stationary object if available.

      A table top tripod with the legs extended but not spread can be used similarly, particularly with a small camcorder.

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      Might be time to place an advertisement in Videomaker, Constantine.

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      Maybe I missed something, but the articles about stabilizers don’t seem to include any video taking using them. Too bad.

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