The Quest for Vegas Audio Plug-ins

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      As I’ve learned Vegas, i’ve come to depend on 6 audio plug-ins:

      Compressor, ExpressFX Equalization, Pitch Shift, Track Noise Gate, Reverb and Smooth/Enhance, not necessarily in that order.

      On the computers in college, Vegas Proalready had these amazing plug-ins, but my bosses copy of Movie Studio Platinum has some video plug-ins, but no audio.

      Hence, my quest. With all my knowledge of Vegas, the fact I don’t know about this is a little surprising. Does only the Pro version come with audio plug-ins? I’m going to start with Sony Creative Software’s website first and then move on to ACID Planet website if I don’t find anything.

      Where doYOU get plug-ins?

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      My copy of Movie Studio Platinum included at least three – EQ, Compressor, and Gate (I think). I don’t really use them. I find that they are already assigned to each audio track and I go in and remove them. I don’t find them to be very useful and they don’t sound very good. But in all fairness, I haven’t really tried to use them very much to see if they can sound better.

      I was well into audio editing long before I ever got into video editing so I have a bunch of audio plug-ins already, some free, some not. I have my favorites and find myself using them in Vegas in place of the included ones.

      If you are looking for free plugins that work great and still sound really good, check out They are some great sounding plugs and are amazing for free plug-ins. The multi-band compressor is great, the “reafir” noise reduction plug-in is fantastic, the EQ is great, and so on.

      You should also check out for a great free reverb. This reverb plug-in sounds better than a lot of paid for reverbs.

      Have fun learning what all they can do.


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