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      Last year I wrote an article for VM Magazine about ‘Making Music Videos’. One of the things stressed in the article was to keep your mind open to the possibilities of what can be done during production and in post-production which can enhance your work. Here’s a classic example of how even after shooting a beautiful rendition of Johnny Cash’s final music video “Hurt”, the editor was able to push that performance into an emotionally stunning piece of art.

      Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ behind the scenes

      Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ Video in HD

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      I don’t think it can be argued that the most creative seat in the entire video production process is the editor’s.

      I’ve always loved Hurt… and Johnny for that matter.

      In ’98 Johnny came down with double pnumonia. Things looked bad as the weekend approached and I had just wrapped up a session at CMT early one late night. We always did Life and Times specials and shows of artists that had just passed and the producer I was working with suggested we rough out a Johnny Cash piece before we leave, should something happen over the weekend. While I understood this from a news standpoint, man it seemed like bad karma to make an obit for a dude who was still kickin’. I explained my feelings and the producer agreed. The man in black went home less than a week later.

      I too cried the first time I heard him sing Hurt.

      and the last.

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