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      Animating still photos to music. We’ve all seen them, done them…for weddings or family. What’s the the best editor to use to make them? I’m not impressed with Avid’s ‘pan and zoom’ and never played much with Premiere. AfterEffects gives me the best results, but it takes forever.

      I’ve heard of something called Imaginate. How does Avid Liquid compare?

      Basically looking to manipulate Hi Res still images, using their original dimensions, in a real time video editing environment?



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      You’re probably looking for a solution somewhere between the one I’m going to mention and AE, which you’ve already mentioned but..

      If you’re doing a freebie or just need to get something out quickly, Nero Vision 4 is worth noting. I once took pity on a bride who decided at the last moment that she couldn’t afford our $199 photo montage option. She’d already sent me a CD with her photos, so I tossed them into Nero Vision, just to see what it would do, I told it to use random transitions and spent maybe all of ten minutes. "Presto", Nero put it together. I added a music background and the bride was absolutely thrilled with it.

      Obviously you can do a more creative, artistic and pleasing job when you take full control in an NLE, but I’ve got to admit that for a quick and dirty montage – this worked pretty nicely.

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      take a look at vegas, or vegas studio, excellent program, the pan and crop tool is absolutely fabulous.


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      I second the Vegas suggestion. If you go that route and find yourself doing a lot of montages, check out the Ultimate S plugin for Vegas from VASST. It has a photo montage tool that will save you a lot of time.

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      I use Vegas for just about everything – With practice, I have gotten my slideshow production down to less than an hour of my time for a four or five minute piece, including a nice title, pan & zoom, and music (using Cinescore or Sonic Fire Pro). If I hurried and didn’t use pan/zoom or worry about the order of the photos, it would be less than 10 minutes for a five minute piece.

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