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      Hey i know this has been asked before but i can’t seem to find the exact answer in the forums. I need to know if you were askng for your dream set-up to edit on a mac what would it be. I know the basics in terms of comps and software but if you guys could just give me everything including the obvious that would be great. A friend of mine is doing a documentry and she’s asking for donations to go towards a set-up and she doesn’t really know a lot but wants to be able to present this when the time comes. thanks in advance guys.

      Also she’s editing on adobe premeir but wants to switch over with out having to export all the raw footage again. is there a place i can go to find out the easiest way around that. thanks again.

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      As far as the quipment question, I don’t have a mac so I’m not much help there. But I am pretty sure that FCP can use avi’s to edit as well as mov files. So you would just need to put the avi footage on the mac (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

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