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      Hi all, thanks for the awesome forums, alot of information here and i hope to make good use of it. I am completely new to videography ect. and will certainly appreciate and help and time you offer. I amlooking to buy my first camcorder and really have no where to start.

      Ido a lot of driving and plan on shooting from my dash to start off with and go from there. Heres what i think i want or need.

      -Great low light recording


      -Image stabalization

      -AC/DC capable(standard)


      Ok here are my questions and concerns, please keep in mind I intend for my first camcorder to cost under $1000, $800 preferably

      1. Do i need to worry about durability, will one camcorder hold better than another?

      2. Do i really need HD? I want high quality recordings and know HD is the way to go but dont really know what the other options are out there. Am I aiming for something that i do not need to spend the money on?

      3. AssumingI do go HDI am a little confused about the recording medium. From what I see i can go for tapes, flash, hard drive, or sd cards. I have a basic understanding of how sd and hard drives work but do not understand flash or tapes. Whats going to be the most simple route here? I am looking for low maintence, safe recordings.

      4. For the time being I will be using a pc for any editing, Do i need to shop for specific camcorders and softwarebecause of my pc?

      5. Have i missed anything? Anyhitng I should be looking for, concerned aboutor should know aboutmy first buy?

      Heres what my brief research has pointed my towards

      Iam sure some of my questions can take some time to explain, if you could please send me in the right direction.Thank you in advance for any information you offer.


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      Hello Levi:

      I am doing live streaming on and I use a Canon Vixia HF10 connected to my capture card trough HDMI. IF you want to have clear video quality it will be great to choose HD. Now it depends on your project as well. Just curios, what are you trying to achieve ?



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