The New Stealth F-22 Raptor Video

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      Here’s my latest edit. I shot 3 days and edited about the same.

      In this new F-22 Raptor video, Major Paul "Max" Moga talks you through the maneuvers he performs during the airshow demonstration flight. Each maneuver is shown from entry to exit so you get a true feel of the F-22’s capabilities. Strap in!

      here’s a frame grab:

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      Nice job. I’ve shot an airshow before and it can be difficult to get smooth shots.

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      Thanks πŸ™‚ When the wind picks up, it’s really a challenge. I kept adjusting the head(Manfrotto 516) drag to match the conditions. The hardest part of this type edit it getting a visual time line, then splitting all the narration to match the visuals. Some of the F-22’s audio was moved from different flights if it was better. You should have seen the audio tracks layed out! It was both a fun and challenging project.

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