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      I am in the market for a video camera and proper editing equipment to produce documentaries, movies, and musical videos. I have researched a wide array of camcorders including miniDV, HDV, DVD, and digital8. I value simplicity of design and features. I will spend less time adjusting camera settings to produce certain effects than I will spend on relying on dialogue, composition, natural movement, color, sound, and varying camera angles. I seek a manuverable instrument which can handle varying outdoor and indoor light levels and which includes inputs for an external mic if I need it (will I need it?) and headphones (and extra light for night shooting outdoors?) Are there any other accessories that I am bound to use or that I should purchase with the camcorder? A monopod, a tripod, any lense filters? I will also tape the process of painting; the capability of still frame shots is a plus. I intend to use the camera frequently and in varying temperatures and conditions so durability is a must. For editing my projects I am planning on a PowerbookG5 with appropriate software. I believe the computer is sold with iMovie; will I need anything more sophisticated like Premiere? I will not use many extraodinary effects. I plan on submitting my projects to festivals and to distribute copies. My hesitations and concerns are that I will buy technology that will too quickly become obsolete, and that I will unneccesarily spend money on superfluous features that will only complicate my process (I realize I must compromise to a certain degree). Any advise, suggestions, thoughts?

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