The in’s and out’s of “mic” or “line”

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      I’m new to trying to capture decent sound but it’s not working out too good.

      Here’s what I have and how it’s connected:

      Audio-Technia (A-T) DR-2505 wireless Lav mic and receiver (Bal. XLR and Unbal 1/4″ outs)

      Peavey 6 sound board (INPUTS=Bal. XLR, Bal TRS 1/4″, and TAPE RCA …OUTPUTS=1/4″ headphone, L/R 1/4″, and TAPE RCA out)

      JVC GR-dv800 camcorder (INPUT=1/8 “Mic IN”)(OUTPUT= 1/8″ stereo)

      Sony MDR-7505 headphones


      An A-Twireless Lav mic going to an A-T receiver

      > XLR cable going from receiver to Peavey sound board (XLR mic in)

      > From the sound board I take the left and right “Main outs” (1/4″ to 1/8″ stereo cable)

      > 1/8″ stereo plug into the “mic in” on the camcorder

      When everything is on (camcorder recording, sound board on, Lav on) I can listen to the “headphone out” on the sound board,with all the tone levels and “main out” level on the sound board set,the audio is clear, really clear, the best I’ve ever heard.

      If I plug the headphone into the “headphone out” on the camcorder there’s hiss, hum, and distortion on top of the audio. It doesn’t seem to matter how much gain on the sound board I add in or take out, or how low I set the Main out level (except to zero), I still get hiss-hum-garbling with the headphones monitoring the camera directly. When the tape is played back or copied to the PC the sound is just awful (yet it sounded so good monitoring at the sound board).

      I read in a post about making sure that “line” or “mic” levels (impedence ?) matched and what can go into the camera’s “Mic in” but my sound board doesn’t have a “Mic out” port, only “MAIN L/R”, “Headphones”, or “TAPE OUT”.

      What am I doing wrong? What is the difference between “Line” and “Mic” in/out? Are “Mic in” on a camcorder normally stereo or mono-does it matter?

      If I’ve blown the audio circuit on the camera (Don’t think I did but who knows), is there a really cheeeeeeap digital recorder that has studio quality sound?


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