The heart of the video editing system

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      What do you think is at the heart of the video editing system?

      a) the hard drive

      b) RAM

      c) Monitor

      d) Capture Card

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      In my humble opinion, Ithink the heart of any good editing system has to be twofold -1 a fast multi-core CPU and 2, a top end NLE software package. All the other icomponents are very important, but easily replaced/upgraded. RAM has to be the easiest upgrade and cheap external hard drives are easy to ‘plug-and’play’. Monitors are getting bigger, betterand cheaper all the time. As for capture cards…who uses a capture card any more? Maybe back in the analouge days but not really needed these days.

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      The computer.

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      The heart of a video editing system is a RAID, in my opinion. When you look back to when computers were much less capable than they are today, high-speed RAIDs (or SANs) are what kept editors editing. Generally, the RAID has been key to editing without interruption, not a fast CPU.

      “As for capture cards…who uses a capture card any more?”

      Umm, anyone who wants a legit video signal going to a broadcast monitor. I hope you’re not doing something silly like connecting a TV to your GPU.

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      Many NLE’s are starting to harness the power of GPUs. nVidia is coming out pretty strong in this area with their Cuda cores and Adobe and Vegas both using them for rendering. Granted a good multi-core CPU will never hurt, but the GPU is starting to become king when it comes to rendering speed and playback.

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      Do you happen to know if upgrading to afaster NVidia or other graphics card would improve rendering efficiency and speed for Pinnacle Studio ? I have heard that the card may or may not have a direct effect, depending on the editing software used.
      Any thoughts on this ?

      PS. Sorry, but .. I don`t know what a GPU is. Not the same as a CPU, apparently ?


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      GPU is graphics processing unit (graphics card). Just like calling a processor a CPU.

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      The editor!


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      Jack has the real answer!

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      Ha! Being such a newb, I thought it would be too snarky of me to suggest that “the editor” was indeed the heart of the matter. Ya beat me to it!

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Jack has the real answer!

      Tell me about it! You can have all the bell and whistles in your video editing system, but you can never substitute the imagination and talents of the editor. Although, having a good computer with decent RAM and a good editing software helps the editor work more easily.

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      Can’t underestimate RAM. It may make a difference between dealing with crashes and smooth sailing, if you know what I mean.

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      Jack did get my first answer, the editor is the creator.

      But if referring just to hardware, a good brain has almost no ability in a useless body, look at Hawking. So your CPU may be the best brain in the world but if you cut the cost on the body, the motherbaord, you will be crippled. The motherbaord controls the ebb and flow and speed of flow of all data, cheap board, or body, and nothing else you do matters. When building, start with the body then the brain.

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