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      In the late ’90’s to the middle ‘Aughts’ images and stories of grungy ‘indie’ and ‘guerrilla’ filmmakers making mad dashes around cities in order to shoot their movies on the cheap were the stuff of legend. The smaller digital cameras of the day made it possible for the man on the street to become a movie mogul.

      Now with the advent of the tremendous capabilities of DSLR cameras, the ‘Moguls’ are now adopting guerrilla style shooting techniques for their projects. Here’s a link to an article about how ‘Saturday Night Live’ used a Canon 5DMkII and a 7D to shoot one of their opening sequences guerrilla style.

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      Don’t hesitate to switch to the DSLR – even if you tend to shoot only videos.

      That curious native cam”corders” are becomingmore and morecrazyand too expensive.

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      I cut my teeth in video with high-end ‘natives’ as you call them and still like the feel of having a pro camera in my hands or on sticks. However, the DSLR’s have definitely gained my respect with their affordability and versatility. There is a bit of an issue with audio as you certainly need a secondary recorder which harkens back to the days of dragging a NAGRA around but the digital recorders too are affordable, versatile and get sound quality in comparison to the DSLR’s video. The other issue is battery power. I like that I can slap on an AB Dionic and get 3-5 hours of reliable shooting time.

      I definitely see myself making the switch. Now it’s just a matter of picking a rig.

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      Pentax has built in mic input and records video to card capacity..

      pentax ltd lenses still rank amoung the best ever made for any brand.

      not my video, but a decent sample shot by someone else.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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