The end of my movie did not burn

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      I created a movie in Screenblast movie studio and burned it using Sonic MyDVD.

      The quality was fine, but the end of the movie did not burn. It is only 30 minutes long.

      Any ideas?

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      Hmmm, that is interesting. I used MyDVD last year to burn a movie that was right at 30 minutes and the same thing happened to me. I never had a chance to figure out what wrong, so if you figure out what happened, please post back here.

      Tim P.

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      I worked on it again last night.

      It looks like Screenblast (the software editing program) is rendering the entire piece. But when I go to the DVD burning software (MyDVD) and preview it, the last 2 minutes is cut off.

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      without getting too technical….try the test burn to see if your computer can handle the writing to disc….chances are you will find this utility will tell you what is going on.

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      Hi Guys,
      I’m from Australia and haven’t heard of these programs.
      In MyDVD check to see if you have control over the “Video bitrate”. If you do, lower it. The higher the bit rate, the greater the video quality, but also more disc space is required.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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