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      We’ve all vented here about clients in some way or another. In all fairness, I’d like to compliment my new favorite client.
      Dude came to me a month ago. He was talking about his theory of how the pyramids were built, wants to do four docuemntaries about it but wants to kick it off with a sizzle reel to get intrest and backers. I hate to say I was thinking what a nut bar but I was but proceeded in the name of revenue. I quoted a flat bid for the production and post consisting of a sit down interview and some flying graphics. I’m a big boy and I know how these things evolve on a brother. Bottom line is you either have the time and need the income or ya don’t, right? Anyway, this thing has evolved and over and over this dude has insisted on giving me more money. I first declined out of pride of my bid and business alone but as it’s evolved, I’ve had to let him do it. The thing is, this is a fella who totally gets it. I can’t tell you how much I appriciate him, his ethics and his overall style. Nutbar indeed… I know I am. πŸ˜‰
      I post this in celebration of those wonderful people on earth who allow us all to keep buying faith in humanity. It’s why we do it… because sometimes we win in doing so.

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      Thank the God’s for client’s who pay and as you said, ‘understand that they have to!’

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      I have one really good client (a repeat customer) who understands what paying for work done means.

      I did one video for them and when all was said and done, asked for a change in the opening title. The change took me all of 15 seconds plus re-render and burn – When the client asked me how much extra it would be, expecting to pay for my time, I threw it in gratis. As opposed to my client from hell who I charged $50 for the same thing and who bitched incessantly about even though it was his mistake…

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