The Death of Broadcast Television?

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      Well it looks like the fine folks over at our FCC are up to some more ‘wacky’ antics when it comes to ‘reforming’ the way we get our info and entertainment over the airwaves. First, they’ve introduced potential legislation to police the internet, then they reallocated wireless bandwith so non-government entities will soon be operating their wireless gear in illegal bandwiths and now boys and girls (drum roll please…) they’re looking at reallocating the bandwidths for broadcast television!

      Now, I’m no fan of the big broadcasting outfits, but it seems like every time the FCC tries to ‘help’ us it ends up causing us major headaches and money. Reallocation may be a good thing, but anytime the government starts fooling around with the major corporation’s bread and butter it ends up becoming another pain in our backsides. Here’s an article by Bruce Johnson “What do you love more, your TV or Smartphone?”

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