The danger of tests done to much on the service.

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      I got MyDVD version 4 with a Sony burner and had lots of troubles. Those could be solved to a great degree by a good and fast support, but not perfectly. Thus, I was suggested to wait for Version 5.3 which were for sure better. I obtained 5.0 with the promise to get 5.3 free. Well, since I own version 5 nothing worked at all. Then I got 5.2 and it was said it contains the features promised for 5.3. But I cannot use it. It no more detects my Sony burner, although Sony equips its burner with MyDVD. And, when I go to on a secend page (6 scenes per page are possible) of the future DVD setting choosing a start for the scene is not possible. After weeks no reply as to this problem from SONIC. And they asked me to delete Ulead Video Studio, which only works well. I bought Video Wave 5 and that progam is even worse. It disturbed Premiere which I was testing due to my workplace where I will start video cutting and DVDs as well. But premiere doesn’t work that well either. Seems it is not satisfied with 1.8 machines. Ulead does work well if the HD is looked after well and kept in good condition. I work with Ulead for this time although I would love to benefit from MyDVD’s features. But I was disappointed by version four and I am even more from version 5.

      In this connection I’m disappointed that MyDVD is presented with various good reports and tests. So I asked what is tested and if these tests are done on a good ground. If they’re done to shallowly a problem will be the result. People will buy the program in trust it is a good buy, due to the reports. You should correct that or tell SONIC to solve the problems for your name will suffer, too.

      Hans (Artist from Germany).

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