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      Hey Everybody –

      I’m new here and this is my first post.

      I’ve submitted my Feature to quite a few festivals and I still haven’t been rejected from any (I haven’t been accepted either…)

      Here is a link to my trailer:

      It’s a movie about a coat room in an art museum during a fictitious Marcel Duchamp exhibition.

      Let me know what you guys think.


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      its a very slow trailer; i couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing. I would suggest making the pacing a bit quicker. The whole thing about that guy hating stuff just drags.

      Your audio is almost painful to listen to; it is amped up so high it is distorted. Im pretty sure its peaking.

      trim the trailer
      fix the audio

      the story looks interesting, so fix up the trailer and i would love to see it.

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      Thanks for the comments.

      the coat room is paced very slowly as it takes place in what could be the most boring place in the world – the coat room. Since the movie is deliberately slow I didn’t want to create a fast paced trailer. If you found the trailer slow and dragging this probably isn’t the movie for you.

      As far as the sound, the trailer was cut pre audio mix. In other words, the audio on the feature is crisp.

      thanks again for the feedback πŸ˜€

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      Just a word of advice. Take it or leave it. A trailer is like a demo video, it is meant to get people interested in your service or product. For you, that would be your movie. But, when people see your trailer and the audio sucks, they start to wonder about the rest of the movie. I know you said that the sound in the movie is good, but if someone only sees your trailer and doesn’t know that, well… What I’m trying to say is, You can only make ONE first impression. And sometimes that can mean alot. On a more positive note, I saw your website for The Coat Room about a month or so ago and the story interested me and I had been waiting to hear more. I like seeing what everyone is working on. Thanks.


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      I agree,

      i never meant to say that it has to be a fast paced action trailer. But the pacing should be quicker. If the pacing isn’t made quicker than I suggest you cut it down.

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      I’d say 50% of the people that have commented on the trailer love it at its current length. The other 50% want it cut down significantly. Personally I like it but i understand why others might think it drags.

      if it gets picked up for distribution or plays a mjaor fest I’ll probably end up using the mix down audio on the trailer and reposting it on the site. otherwise – after a year and a half – I’m ready to shift my efforts on to the next feature…

      thanks for the feedback guys πŸ˜€


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