The best wat to edit in Vegas Pro 10

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Hello All.

I dont come from a photographic background (I am a Singer/songwriter/producer) but I always loved making videos with my Sony HD camera and, I recently bought a Canon 550D/T2i camera as well.

My question is this:

After shooting my video with my DSLR or video camera, whats the best way to go about editing it?

I bought Sony Vegas Pro 10. (I like to jump in at the deep end!!)

I also bought Cineforms NeoScene and Magic Bullets Mojo.

Lets say that I have a 3 minute video with about 50 I import all my clips onto the timeline together and edit, apply the effects etc or, should I just import one clip at the time, edit it, add effects etc and then export it for use later on?

If I import one clip at the what format should I render it for later use in the making of the 3 minute video?

Thank you all very much in advance for your time and help.

Best wishes.

Gerry Lane.

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As a singer songwriter you will appreciate that Vegas was an audio editor before it became a video editor.

Very basic is that you import you video clips into Vegas you can preview them as well as trim them in a preview window and thendrop them on to the time line in the order you want touse them. As you do that they will be added to your project media folder.

That is a very simplework process and there are so many option on the way you can work in Vegas. There are some tutorial videos on the web that you can search on. I would higly recomend the Vegas training DVD's from VASST. They get you through a lot of the small things that you need to know that can take the frustration out of the edit. I find that the Sony documentation is a little lacking of detail.

There are a lot of options on effect. You can apply some if not all effects to a whole time line if you choose, or to individual clips depending on what you are trying to achieve.

As far as rendering that is the last thing that I do. How you render depends on what you are going to do with the video. If you are creating a DVD and using the Vegas DVD software you will render the video and audio seperatly. Vegas has a lot of pre-sets for rendering depending on what you are doing

Good luck




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Pro 10 has several built in tutorials you can utilize to help you get familiar withits features you might want to look into.

Sony Creative website also provides many free training videos on Vegas Pro to help get you started. Many are for earlier versions but still have applications usable in Pro 10.

Here are the links to help out.

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Three things -

1) Organize your clips into one unique directory, where they can be easily found and archived/restored when done.

2) The Trimmer is your best friend - Learn to use it.

3) If you are cutting a music vid, or even a production keyed to the music (like a slide show), start with the audio (music) track alone, then play through the song hitting the "M" key on the keyboard to mark beats where cuts (or other transitions) make sense - Makes precise cuts very easy.

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Log onto the Sony web site and create an account (free) in the Vegas Pro Editor's Forum. This is a global community of editors and users of Vegas; it's an invaluable tool for getting help. Typically a question posted will receive an answer within the hour.

Do your homework, of course -- i.e., print out and read the documentation that comes with Vegas Pro, and study the help menu -- but when you're still stuck, ask for help. We're all willing to give it.

Good luck.

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Great posts & valuable tips. Does anyone have a favorite book or video on editing with Vegas? I'm using HD Platinum 10.