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      I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Videomaker magazine for offering this forum to the videographers of the nation both pro and amatuer.

      I have found that this forum has been one of my greatest resources. Ever since the day I found my first Videomaker magazine at my local Barnes & Noble, I have been hooked.

      Again, just a short thank you for the community.


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      I’ll second that thank you.
      This forum is a great resource, and I for one feel that it’ll help me to make my transition from digital still photography to multimedia more smooth and professional.

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      Hey ya’ll

      Likewise. We want to thank everyone who contributes to this forum. In fact, the editorial team was just speaking this morning about how our forums have become a great place to learn and interact with people who share our passion for making better video– and it’s all because of you.

      Please continue to let us know how we can make this community a better place. We’re always listening. You hear that? We’re watching you! HA HA HA HAAA HA! }:-)

      No, sincerely, we appreciate your participation.


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