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      It’s not easy eating crow considering the feathers get stuck in my throat, and not engaging my brain before sending a flaming email to JVC, and posting on Videomaker. To begin with not being able to transfer video via a fire wire cable and capturing the file in Movie Maker, or Adobe Premier Pro CS4 just didn’t make any sense since kids on Youtube were offering instructions on how easy it was. The first time I called JVC the rep was clueless as to how to help me, or offer any suggestions as to how to narrow down the problem. It wasn’t until I went postal, and created a new vocabulary compliments of Satan, that I flamed an email to JVC, and got a response from Mary with a phone number of 1(800) 252-5722 that gave me hope. Through her suggestions I was able to narrow down the problem to a faulty PCI card with 2-USB ports, and 2-Firewire ports Manufactured by Mi-Products that failed to work properly. This was an after market card I had added to my old computer, and transferred over to my new computer.I also took the same card, and plugged into my wife’s computer which is the same as mine, and it caused the mouse pointer to stop working properly. Needless to say that card is going into the recycle bin. Now I am able to down load the video files to both Movie Maker, and Adobe Premier Pro without any glitch’s, or problems. My apologies to JVC, and thank you for your support, and follow up. Despite my moniker “Georgeknows” unfortunately George doesn’t know, and I have a lot to learn engaging my brain and trying to think through the problem exhausting all possibilities before sending unwarranted flaming emails to a manufacturer who goes go the extra step to support their products.

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      More like “George knows now….”


      Technically, this is the same post you made your complaint on but because you learned so valuable a lesson, you get a pass.

      Anytime you’re dealing with equipment (particularly computers) 8 times out of ten a ‘problem’ that occurs is due to ‘operator error’. The 9th time it’s actually the gear malfunctioning and the oh so rare 10th time it’s both. Having been a party to the ’10th’ time on several occasions I feel your pain.

      It’s not difficult to become frustrated with this stuff especially when a fully-grown adult sees ‘wet behind the ears’ kids doing phenomenal things and you’re having problems just getting it to work!

      The good things are a) you asked for assistance and b) became reasonable and apologized when you found out what the problem was. Now, some of these companies do have a few ‘flaming satanic vocabulary filled e-mails for some of the stuff they pull. And unfortunately, sometimes that’s the only way to get their attention.

      So whenever you’re troubleshooting a problem, try your ‘malfunctioning gear’ on a different system to confirm the malfunction. Once you’ve done that, then go through the ‘tech support song and dance’ until you get the means to resolve the issue. Make sure you give them enough info to help them cover the bases on known issues and help speed up finding an answer. If tech support draws a blank, then definitely do as you did and reach out to the numerous people in this and other technical forums for possible solutions.

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