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Hello!! To all the generous professional contributors who take the time to read our notes and to answer our questions: again... and again... and again.... I really appreciate your input and your patience. Here's wishing all you pro guys and gals a Happy and prosperous New Year. My personal BIG THANK YOU to Birdcat (the go-to Vegas guy)!

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Your welcome! Glad we were of some small assistance to you and the other members. If nothing else, thanks for listening to us drone on.... Best to you this new year.

H.Wolfgang Porter, Composite Media Producer Dreaded Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

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Videomaker forums is a GREAT site for us all, regardless of what stage of professional development, or age, we're at. Glad you're here, Ophelia.

We've got a wonderful group of people who enjoy sharing good information, knowledge and opinions ;-)

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 It bears repeating "Thanks" to all the professional, experienced posters who show great patience with us, the less experienced. Thanks...Thanks...Thanks... All the best in 2012. We appreciate every thing you do.

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I know that I have learned a lot on this site and will continue to learn and help others.

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 I'll offer my thanks too.  I might ask very basic questions but that is the way

I learn.

Happy New Year to all.