Text Media not visible Sony Vegas Pro 11

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I just finished my project and everything worked fine yesterday. Today i started my PC to extract my project. But when i clicked the preview to view it again my text media didn't appear anymore.

-my media is not offline

-my text media is in the upper timescale

-it is not on solo

-i can still view my edit generated media bar

-i tried i both with legacy (text) and titles and text.

here is a screenshot of my project:

i've watched a bunch of tut's but none of them involved my problem.

thanks for reading!

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I am beginning to become anxious for the next iteration of Vegas 11 build 595, My installation has not displayed this problem but keeps coming up with a Vegas Has stopped working message and then shuts down this happened after Windows 7 service pack one was downloaded and installed. I ended up wiping my hard drive and re-building Window and reinstalling Vegas both 10 and 11 and disabling Windows automatic update. Vegas 11 is now stable enough to do some work, and 10 is always there in case i need it

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Brecht: You're in the wrong forum. Post this issue on the Sony Vegas editor's forum and you may get a more detailed response. Or, worse case, you'll be in the company of others who have experienced this problem.

I share Larry's concerns and am still using vers 8.0 for serious post production since it's absolutely stable.


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Larry & Jack - Right there with you - I still have Pro 8 installed with Pro 11 - If for no other reasons than stability (11 crashes on me at least once a day) plus my copy of Magic Bullet Movie Looks doesn't work with my version of 11.

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