TELLURIDE IndieFest 2005: BIG Congratulations to Winners

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      Press Release: 03.3.05
      (Greeting From Planet Telluride)

      Dear Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and Indie Cinema Aficionados,

      WOW! – to see Adam Abel and Ryan Little nominated for:

      Best Cinematography, and Best First Feature Film

      at the Independent Spirit Awards ( Saturday night – February 26, 2005)

      was simply awesome!

      It made me feel like a ‘proud pappa’.

      Like we had a ‘some-part’ in the *success* they are now realizing with their film, “SAINTS AND SOLDIERS”.

      “SAINTS AND SOLDIERS” was selected and screened at Telluride IndieFest 2003 – and it was a BIG hit (totally sold-out) – everyone *raved* about it.

      They did not ‘win’ at the Independent Spirit Awards.

      However, Adam and Ryan *are* WINNERS in my eyes.

      WAY before they were nominated for the IFP Awards – they were *already* a part of our ever-expanding ‘family’ of Telluride IndieFest Alumni – which folks, is a pretty-close ‘bond’.

      “Way-to-go, Adam and Ryan!”

      ————- It’s Time To Enter:

      We are about ‘mid-way’ into our OFFICIAL “Call For Entries” into Telluride IndieFest 2005 (August 31 – September 4),and if you want to enter our Year 2005 event – please go to:

      and click on “Year 2005 Entry Forms”!

      ———- Important Notes:

      1) Enter *early* and save on your entry fee,

      2) Pay with a credit card, and take an *additional* $5.00 off your entry fee,

      3) We have *not* raised the entry fees for our Official “Call For Entries”,

      4) We are (again) *limiting* entries to 1000 (total of all films, videos, and screenplays) – and may *close* the event (once this limit is received).


      We look forward to receiving and previewing your entries – and hope this message finds you well!

      Film and Write On,

      Michael Carr
      Director: Telluride IndieFest
      Executive Producer: Queso Productions

      Showcasing the best *independent* films and screenplays in the world – high in the mountains!

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