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Please watch this video and tell me what you think.

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The animation is cool. However, as a true how to or instructional video it falls short because as a first time viewer I am so busy trying to read the various scrolling information to comfortably watch or ingest the visuals.

I lose the benefit of seeing what happens because I am so involved with my efforts to read. Some of the representation in your graphics doesn't really give me a full understanding of the materials you use, or the outcome of the DARTS, actually, not bullets.

At the end I get no input or understanding of the final production, or how it might best work.

As I said, the graphics and animation are admirable, but the overall outcome leaves me frustrated. I think instead of the kicky beat music, something lower and more subtle, with voice over instructions would help me better follow your instructions for making my blow dart aparatus out of a rolled up magazine.

Perhaps a live, actual video presentation instead of animation, and actual VO instructions, would make this how to production a real winner.