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I am looking for advice on a good teleprompter to use with a Panasonic 100A or 200A video camera. This if only for occasional use in a corporate setting so I don't want to sink a ton of money into something. I am hoping to get by for less than $2,000. Any suggestions?

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If you are industrius and don't care so much about the looks (i.e. it is for internal use only), you can make one very easily. I laid a 22" LCD monitor down flat on a table, and constructed a wooden frame around it. I took a piece of 1/4" glass, mounted it in a wooden frame and hinged it to the monitor frame at a 45 degree angle. Connected the monitor to a laptop and installed a teleprompter software (I think about $30) on the computer. I mounted a dark cloth over the glass and around the camera to prevent reflections

Most of the this was stuff I had lying around, and as this would only be used by internal employees, I was not too concerned about the look of the prompter, just the usefulness.

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Running this on a laptop or small display near the lens?

A forum search on teleprompter gives some other options as well.

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I saw on a different video related website that you can use an Iphone or Ipod touch for this purpose. As I remeber you have you use a special program to write the script, then upload to the company website. From there itis changed over to a file, you download thatto your device and that is what is scroled across the screen. It sounds like alot of work but it canmount on a camera, a tripod, or by it's self. I think thatyou can also get a sheild that goes around it to block out glare. I hope thishelps

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Now that is alot better of a setup than the one I saw. I'm glad someone was able to help.

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"just write on your hand like Sarah Palin"

Heh. Although not everybody can wing an extended speech with just a couple of sentences for notes like that. Although a rig this complex sounds like it's out of Chip's price range:

Bipartisan kidding aside, the Ikan PT-1000 might be worth looking into as an option for well under $1000: