Teleprompter questions?

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Is it possible to just use a laptop as a teleprompter?

I was thinking of just buying a simple adjustable tripodstand with a flat plate at the top that would allow me to put the laptop screen directly below the camcorder lens. More specifically I was thinking of a flat plate type of music stand to support the laptop.

Is there a specificdistance it would not be noticeable that the actor is reading the screenjust below the camcorder lens?

Also,teleprompter softwareseems to be designed for mirror image re-directionand the script flows frombottom to top. Is there a teleprompter software that scriptflows normally down the screentop to bottom?

I found some plans for teleprompter stands and such, but they are too bulky andwould be in the way for many shoots. Also, they look amateurish for the most part.

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have you got a projector?

in studio location, you could project on the wall directly behind the camera...

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I think even if you put it right under the lens, you'll be able to notice that your subject isn't looking into the lens. That's why real telepromters are nice.

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I have used a laptop as a teleprompter with decent results - The best way I have found to do this is hook up a large external screen (at least 19"), move farther away from the subject and zoom in to frame, place the camera just over the top of the external monitor. Just remember to mic your talent appropriately (although a quiet room with a decent shotgun mic should be OK).

The software I have used is called Prompt and they have a free version for smaller scripts (the full version is only about $40 so not too bad). What I have found, however, is that it is best to have a person to control (adjust on the fly) the speed of the scrolling (which typically I have done myself).

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I tried using a laptop as a teleprompter. If you try looking only at the laptop, it works. But if you try to look back and forth at the teleprompter, and at the camera, then it makes one look 'shifty eyed'. Not good.

I found a really nice rig at I would recommend them. They have some nice units and some are even reasonably priced. I spent about $2K, but you can get them for less than a thousand. And then you can basically look straight into the camera lens without really even having to try. It is a lot (lot) easier, if you can afford it.