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      I already designed and built a teleprompter for my XL1. Now I need to find the source of a 15X17 glass/acrylic beamsplitter mirror.

      Can anyone help?

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      what do you mean by beamsplitter mirror? all you really need is a piece of glass angled at 45 degrees with the lens behind it and the space between the lens and the glass needs to be darkened (i.e. boxed in or covered with some fabric. i’ve seen some without the darkened space between the lens and the glass as well. basically, you can make a teleprompter out of an LCD on its back with a piece of glass suspended above it at 45 degrees. i’ve seen quite a few inexpensive versions of that concept out there.

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      Will any glass do? Or do I need a special kind of glass to avoid diluting the colors? Ive seen the commercial prompters and they seem to have reflective kind of beamsplitter.

      Thank you.

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      AvatarLaguna Hiker

      I thought I'd throw in my two-cents worth.


      Get a good, and I mean a really good piece of beamsplitter glass. You'll see the difference in what you shoot. Good beamsplitter glass is visually more transparent than ordinary glass and (god forbid) acrylic plastic. I used a piece of acrylic on my prompter for years, and I always disliked that fact that the prompter made my video look slightly muddy. I finally switched the acrylic for a good piece of 70%, 1/8" beamsplitter glass, and it made a very noticeable difference in the clarity and dimensionality of the video shot through it.


      The glass, custom-cut to fit my prompter, set me back about $100, plus shipping. A Google search found a number of shops selling beamsplitter glass online. I recommend avoiding eBay sellers and going with an established shop. I ordered mine from

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