Telephoto Lens for JVC GZ HD320

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      I had been looking at the Raynox HDP-7700ES telephoto converter lens for JVC GZ HD320 and this lens will fit my cam.

      The purpose of my cam is to shoot wildlife and nature. I had already filmed some birds at this world renown sewage treatment plant in Melbourne Australia, if you are into birdoing you will know which one in Melbourne. The footage of the birds still came out reasonably well for a domestic cam without using any telephoto lens.

      What I like to do is to step up my cam a bit with the bird footage I am filming.

      I do know that further down the track I will need to move forward to pro gear, but for now for me to learn filming techniques and to practice what I am doing, it will do the job.

      I like to ask if anyone knows of other telephoto lens that will fit the JVC GZ HD320 to suggest and discuss. My plan is not to spend thousands of dollars on the lens. The Raynox HDP-7700ES I saw in around AUD$500 to $600, so that will be my budget.

      If you had tested the Raynox HDP-7700ES on the JVC GZ HD320, what was it like?


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