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      I am looking for teen filmmakers in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud Minnesota area who are interested in helping out with a film that I and some friends will be making next year. This film is called In Freedom’s Cause, the story of the Scottish-English war in the 1200s. Same war in the movie Braveheart. This will be a 2 1/2 hour film and we are really hoping to be able to have alot of special effects, both visual and digital effects. the amount of digital effects shots will be huge, if possible, ranging from scenery, to castles, to battles, possibly even cities. We will also need alot of help filming and hopefully with funding as well, as we are trying to save the money for a very good camera, but aren’t having too much luck with that. So if anyone wants to help out with this movie, let us know. If you are interested in helping with the digital effects, it is not required that you live in MN, but you must have an e-mail address, an Instant Messenger, and a high speed internet connection, plus the software needed to do the effects work.

      Please e-mail us if you are interested. We are a group of teen filmmakers near the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas. Most of us are in the 16 age range while I am 18. So please check out our website at http://www.wrightfilmassociation.com and e-mail us if interested at wrightfilms@wrightfilmassociation.com.

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