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      Alright, this is much more of a technology kind of question, but I’m really sick of having to deal with computer malfunctions while simply trying to make good video. Here’s my current problem:

      I recently got a MacBook, which when connected to my external hard drive isn’t allowed to put files onto it, it’s only got read privileges, not write ones. How can I change the preferences so that I have full “privileges” on my own hard drive from both machines?

      Secondly, I’ve got a friend trying to let me use a LaCie drive to replace the hard drive of mine that doesn’t work, and my PC system detected it, but when I went into the My Computer directory, it wasn’t there. I went into Device Manager and it detected it, it even installed the drivers by default like any other peripheral, but in My Computer it wouldn’t show up, and so was unusable. Anybody know what the hell happened and how to fix this?

      My last question is this…who has a cheap but reliable recommendation for a capturing solution for video (SD, but HD-capable would be fine, in case I upgrade in the next few years)? I’ve been pointed toward the AV ProLink, which looks nice, but it’s about 200 bucks, and since I’m moving o Vancouver in about two weeks, I really need to keep cash close. Any thoughts?

      Thanks so much for any help you can give me, and please let me know if you know anything about any of these problems. It’s very frustrating to not be able to do the most simple things, when I have the Adobe video suite, a Canon XL1 and plenty of story ideas. Please help, and thanks a lot in advance.

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      Hey Runeshai,

      Sorry to bother you. I’m new. How do I post a question? This site is not clear on how to do that. Thanks. Can you e-mail

      m e the answer at I appreciate it.

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      Did you format the external drive with the Mac Utility? If not, it might be formated for a PC and therefore, not compatible with the Mac. Also, is the harddrive a USB or firewire?

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      Your drive is formatted as NTFS which under the Mac OS only supports reading the drive. Format it as FAT32 or the standard Mac os Extended and it will work fine.

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      Alright, I’ll try that, thanks a lot! I was thinking about reformatting anyway, but thanks a lot for the tip! I’ll let you guys know how it works out.

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