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      Started principal photography on “The Vanjob” last night. This is a short film I’m making with some friends, and I’ve created a quick teaser out of footage we shot last night. I’m pretty excited about this. It’s going to be awesome.

      I welcome any feedback!!!

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      ok here is my feedback, don’t get butthurt lol. Why not start this with the last shot of the people opening the door, keep that music rolling than hit a quick shot of the girl struggling on the floor and jump to the txt? Soemtimes less is more and the 2 cuts would be faster…. think about it
      ; )

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      Interesting ideas Tom, I’ll play with that a little bit. Thanks for your feedback!

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      I really like the way this came out, so I’d share for the helluvit. This was our 2nd night of choreography for this fight sequence. The girl has absolutely no fighting experience. After a couple of days of training though it looks like she’ll do okay. There will eventually be dialogue in this sequence, and the lighting will be totally different. Still, I enjoy this sequence, it will be going on the DVD for “special features.”

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