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      Hi I’m new using sony vegas I have pro 11 but I just need someone to teach me I really want to learn how to use it and become professional with it thanks a lot

      PD: I just found this forum and I thought I could get help from here

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      Sony has webinars available to download or watch for free, and You Tube has tutorials galore on Vegas and most if not all of the major editing suites. Just search ” Sony Vegas pro 11 tutorials” on You Tube and you will find lots of helpful tutorials to help you learn your new tool set. You can also look at the tutorials for older Vegas versions because since Vegas 9 the new versions have added tools and features to the basic Vegas tool set.

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      There are a lot of good resources out there – DVD based from VASST are very good. Be careful what you believe on YouTube – About half of them do not offer very good advice. Douglas Spotted Eagle has a good book if you’re ok with reading not watching.

      I’ve been a Pro user since version 6 (about 2005) and with all my reading (books, web pages, forums) and using it, I have just scratched the surface (I consider myself an advanced user) and am learning continually (especially when I teach).

      As for these forums, just post specific questions and you’ll get timely and battle tested answers.

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      I find the Sony Vegas Pro Users Manual that comes with Vegas to be very useful. When using a 2 monitor system, I find it easy to have the manual open on one moniter while I edit on the other.

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